Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yeah, so I blew off Na Blow Me.

(Na Blow Me being short for National Blog Posting Month, of course.)

What can I say? Shit's been happening. But before I blew it off, I lined up a whole bunch of photos so it would be easy to just come in every day and post something. HA! Proved THAT wouldn't work.

Anyway, here's a whole gigantor post with all the other stuff I've made recently, minus two shirts and a dress that I made after photographing the rest of this stuff. Yes, you're welcome, I'm generous that way.

 I love this jacket - it's camelhair, scavenged from a really REALLY long coat I made last spring - but I cannot get it to lay flat down on the bottom. It's so cuddly but I think the cuddliness is working against me.
 Scavenging fabric does present challenges, particulalry when it comes to having enough fabric for sleeves. I decided to just go with it and topstitch the join, above.
 This is another from that jacket pattern with the bias panels on the side. I've got it to lay flat on one side, but you can see it's poking up here on the other. DAMN IT. I'm not undoing it, though. I am just punk rock enough to let it be imperfect.
 I LOVE this shirt, it's a great color on me and it makes the most of my stupid short waist, but I had my friend Jen photograph me wearing it and I look for all the world like my sweet aunt Betty. I really do lead with my boobs.
 Also the buttons make it look like something I would have bought in the natural-clothing store in Eugene, circa 1989. In fact I think I wore this shirt at that awful Christmas at my father's house.

This was my first shot doing a button shirt without buttonholes (I'm blanking on the names of the little fabric tabs that encircle the buttons), and I really liked it. Making that little cloth tube is super easy.

This is linen and as you might expect, the cowl neck does not work because the linen's so stiff. It gives me a center boob, sort of like a unicorn. Surprisingly, this is not the best look on me.
Above, I left the edges raw but did run a seam about 1/4 in, so that when it unravels in the dryer, it will only make a little tiny soft edge rather and then stop when it hits the seam.
I love this shirt even though I feel like a hospital volunteer when I wear it.
I probably should have worked harder to align the print. Eh, life is fleeting.
Another linen cowl neck in this season's fuschia. LOVE this color. I ended up cutting the cowl neck off this thing and trying to make it work. It sort of does, it sort of doesn't.
Left a raw edge, again. I do like that. It's a little edgy (so to speak).
Side slits. They make for a nice line at the waist, I'm finding.
This is the other half of the camel-hair coat that I scavenged for that buttoned jacket, above. I originally made this duster-length in the spring of 2010 for a business trip to Europe, imagining it covering me like a blanket on the planes and trains I was going to be on.

It did a great job of that, but the Marcy Tilton pattern I took this from was meant for a short jacket, and the extra length just overwhelmed it. So I chopped off the bottom 3 feet and made myself a second jacket.
I do love the neck and shoulder on that pattern. The camel-hair doesn't have enough body to really hold it up - I made this in a melton (I think) in black, and that one's perfect--but I love the gloss of the camel-hair and the topstitching at the neck.
Another of those shirts with the pebbly buttons down the front. Why am I blanking on the name of the technique you use to make button shirts without button holes? I
I am fairly certain that I look insane when I wear this, unless I cover most of it up with a dark green jacket.
In real life, this jacket is not actually on its side.
Black boiled wool makes it feel more like a cardigan. I LOVE these buttons. They're heavy and mixed-metal and awesome, and I would like to hump the leg of whoever designed them.
Although they are pretty heavy.
Jacket from the back. It's another version of that bias-panel number I've been using a lot lately. It's a bit loose on me; I've lost something like 15 pounds in the last month, and I'm having to take in all of these.
OMG do I love this little number. With a red or purple scarf and a pair of black cigarette pants, I am the BOMB. This is another Marcy Tilton pattern, with a sort of box on one side of the design that, left unclosed on that side seam, makes this cool little drape of fabric.

I loved this pattern so much I tried closing the side seam to make a dress of this, rather than a tunic (because that box comes out from the side at about mid-hip, meaning if you wear it like a dress, you're flashing your parts at people), but that ruined the line of the fabric and made it look like I'd made a huge pocket and was hiding a squirrel in there. Not a terribly fetching look, I'm afraid.
Oh, the sheer awesomeness. I feel like a punk goddess when I wear this thing, and I am a 42-year-old white woman living in a cute little house with 2 tiny dogs.

This one's a frankenpattern, sort of Marcy Tilton but without the box thing. In tissue-weight wool that's sort of a cocoa color. I have to wear a cami under it or people can totally see my bra.
Another t-neck from the fabric pattern. I love this one too, except that when I wear it, it looks like I'm supporting the Washington State Cougars, when I live deep in the heart of UW Husky territory.
Another Marcy Tilton. This one doesn't hang as well, but the color's the tits, no?
Above I'm displaying the box.
OMG. I had no idea how much this actually looks like a vulva.

How I wish I were talking about Swedish automobiles.
Also, I needed to piece it together because I didn't have enough fabric. I decided to just go with it and used contrasting threads at the join, front and back.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day I don't even care any more

Stay locked in your houses, sheeted in Saran Wrap and dousing yourselves in Purell. You do not want this bug. Here is Day 9, from a shivery, clammy household in Seattle.

This is one of the few exceptions to my self-imposed NaBloMe rule about only posting pictures of things I've made over the last 6-8 weeks. This one, I made last year, but I don't think I ever posted photos of it, so here you go.

It's a rainjacket made of laminated cotton, which means the rain beads right up off it, but it doesn't breathe. I intended it to be a rainjacket for a cycling commute which never really materialized, and then a couple buttons fell off and I put off fixing it and haven't worn it since.

You now know the complete history of this jacket.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Na whatever, day 8

Felled by a cold, but I managed to finish the purple knit dress before succumbing. Photos when I don't feel like such crap.

In the meantime, I present to you NaBloMe Day 8: an unfinished polyester double-breasted jacket. I LOVED this fabric in the store and once I put it together and saw how poorly it ironed and how richly the seams creased and puckered, I wept in despair, threw a small schnauzer across the room, and gave up on the motherfucker. Who said 40s were the age of wisdom?

Monday, November 7, 2011

NaBloMe Day 7

Man, do I love this little honey. It's a stretch silk charmeuse, teal green, made from Vogue V9771, cut on the bias (including the sleeves--the pattern didn't call for it, but I felt twisty) and with the really smooth silky side on the inside. That makes it both less shiny on the outside and more luxuious-feeling.

Next up I have embarked on a purple sweater-knit mock wrap dress (McCall's 6163, view A, the one without the doofy sleeves--man, I hate those doofy sleeves--here's the link:

This shirt does not hang well, obviously, but thanks to the bias cut, it clings where it ought and is, I think anyway, quite a sexy little number. I'd like to make it up in a blank angora sweater knit, but am not sure what to do about the bias in that case. Would I cut it on the straight of grain and then let the knit do its stretchy thing?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

NaBloMe Day 5

You mean today is SUNDAY? How the hell did that happen? Here is the picture I would have posted yesterday, had I not been shanghai'd and held without my consent at first Elysian and then Leny's, where much much red wine was drunk in the company of three stalwart friends.

 This is that same Marcy Tilton pattern, only I cut in an off-center V-neck. It looks like a guitar pick, no?

It's kind of a Miss Havisham thing. I usually tart it upwith big stompy boots. I am also searching high and low for black and white stripey tights or leggings to wear with it, for Maximum Crazy.

NaBloMe Day 6

 Jacket made from a Threads pattern--with a bias side panel that flares out over the hips.

Friday, November 4, 2011

NaBloMe Day 4

Not the same Marcy Tilton pattern as yesterday (although I think with this Frankenpattern, I took the neck off the Marcy Tilton pattern) but fabulous just the same. This is a very lightweight woolen knit, cream-colored. Makes me feel very soignee.
I also just finished a teal knee-length wool coat, which I'll try to photograph this weekend to post at some point during NaBloMe (Eden's term for National Blog Posting Month). I love it even though, with its perhaps excessive lime-green piping, it probably looks like some kind of winter Disneyland costume. Eh, people ought to know what they're getting when they see me coming. It's just good advertizing.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

NaBloMe Day 3

I LOVE this pattern. It's Marcy Tilton for Vogue, V8582, and I made this the day I quit Microsoft out of a luscious cashmere knit. The pattern is asymmetrical and has a sort of boxy pleat off to the side. It's the coziest thing ever, particularly with a pair of leggings and tall boots. Heart!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2, running late

I love this jacket, even though the collar is totally fubared. Added a little velvet ribbon to the neck to provide a little swashbuckle. The fabric is a sueded stretch cotton, like a molecloth almost. Love!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Welcome to National Blog Posting Month, or as originator Eden calls it, NaBloMe. Since posting's been so erratic here these days, I thought I would use NaBloMe to update you on the things I've made over the last 3months. (There are 2 exceptions - a print shirt and a rain jacket, neither of which have been shown here before).

First up, an aubergine wool jacket (M5145) that I made a few weeks back. I can't get enough of the buttons. I used a turquoise lining that I didn't use for the rodeo queen jacket of 2010, and you know? It's still too damn bright for this jacket. But it was cut and ready to go, so there you have it.